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Spirituality bonds all creation together and is the atmosphere
of God’s Presence, Goodness, Truth and Beauty.

“Life is a special occasion. Life is an adventure.
Live life to the fullest. Live life as though it is your last and enjoy every moment”
Jonathan Field

A Forum on Spirituality is a conversational television program which explores the spirituality of a wide range of subjects. Sophisticated and contemporary in format and style, A Forum on Spirituality is an attention grabbing, entertaining and fast-paced one half hour program with a integrative and spiritual approach. As we examine each subject in-depth, the viewer gets a very personal look into the lives and work of well known, high profile personalities such as leading doctors, scholars, writers, authorities, teachers and practitioners, all of whom are well known, highly regarded, with significant reputations.

  • To explore, help define and to give a better understanding of what spirituality is.
  • To pose questions and explore them in order to discover basic spiritual truths.
  • To provide by example a better sense of who we are, why we are here, and where we are going.
  • To look at aspects of life from a spiritual point of view in order to see more clearly that understanding life is really about a spiritual unfolding that is personal and individual, and ongoing.
  • To encourage the formation of spiritual understanding in our culture.
  • To help the human race grasp its true spiritual potential.
  • To present information, find the common thread of truth, and communicate it to the audience in a manner so that they will laugh a lot, cry a little, and be left feeling spiritually confident.
  • To maintain a level of dignity and integrity in the presentation.
  • To be entertaining, fascinating, and exciting while instilling a sense of enthusiasm for life and its spirituality.
  • To offer a compelling vision of how to live better and more completely.
  • To be a resource for viewers wishing to learn how others are approaching spiritual issues and what these practical approaches have revealed.

People are desperately seeking truth, their own truth, that can help them better cope with life. People can gain a fundamental sense of their place in creation by discovering their own spirituality. A Forum on Spirituality will help accomplish this.

A Forum on Spirituality gives the host and guest speakers an opportunity to discuss in an intelligent andauthoritative manner, the personal and spiritual truths which we are all seeking. A Forum on Spirituality provides an opportunity for individuals to share their insights and experiences with the viewing audience in open discussion.


The heart of A Forum on Spirituality is the purity of projecting the truth of love and understanding.

The Host acts as a spiritual authority and scholar with the essence of wisdom that reflects the weight of her great responsibility and properly places the issues raised within a contemporary and historical spiritual perspective. She will draw depth and insight from the guest with a personable approach by establishing an excellent rapport.

The high-profile guest(s) will have much of value to contribute about the spirituality of their field of expertise, have the ability to articulate their viewpoint, and be able to present useful tools with clarity.

The program will begin by the Host inviting or welcoming the viewing audience to join her in on a conversation with her studio guest(s). She will manage the flow and timing of the program, create an atmosphere in which the guest(s) can openly share understandings and information, and subtly anchor the context of the discussions.

A maximum of two guests will contribute most of the program content with their viewpoints and expertise. The show will be an in-studio conversation on the spirituality of the subject being discussed, sometimes with the aid of a monitor. For guest(s) who will not be able to be in-studio, a production crew and host will do on location filming. In these cases, the opening, closing and host commentary may be done on the set, with the location footage incorporated in editing.

The closing segment is a summarization by the host who will draw common themes from the subjects guest(s) have discussed, and review the commentary and the essence of wisdom of the truth, projecting to the viewing audience what has been learned.


The predominate color is of rose, a combination of red and pink, which results being the color of love, the essence of spirituality. A feeling of softness will be featured in seating with the addition of a palm and fern, and an emphasis on sophistication, warmth, charm and hospitality in order to encourage an open and conversational atmosphere.


A Forum on Spirituality is a chance to help humanity, to bring clarity to our lives, and to clarify the relationship between Man and our Creator. Spirituality is the vehicle to effect a much needed transformation for these difficult times. It can be done without offending any group, because spiritual truth is the same for all religions and social groups. The spirituality that the programming presents will rise above all dogma, providing a canopy under which everyone may explore their truth in their own way. The intent is to give people knowledge, the tools and choices toward healing their spirit, to bring a positive message, and to show why it is important to live a self-examined and spiritual life. A Forum on Spirituality will offer Americans the opportunity to bring spirituality back into their lives in a practical and meaningful way, with useful tools they can use every day, especially in difficult times.

“Take care of one another and you will find true love”
Renee Gallegos

“May you walk in Peace
with a warm heart,
a broad smile,
and may the Light
shine on your Spirit forever.”

“Life is a special occasion.
Life is an adventure.
Live life to the fullest.
Live life as though it is your last
and enjoy every moment”

Jonathan Field
Executive Producer

Jonathan Field Productions
Post Office Box 2138 Sausalito, California 94966
415/331-2220 Office – 415/331-2228 Facsimile