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As with tradition “I want to go down wrapped in my colors with Sword in hand. And it shall be, as this is how a true Warrior is laid to rest.”

MUSIC CD is Branch of Service songs in Chorus and Instrumental to be played very softly during the viewing. It is a wonderful memento item for the Family to keep and enjoy in your remembrance.

3’x5’ BRANCH OF SERVICE FLAG embroidered with RANK and NAME is to be draped
from above the waist and holding the Sword. It is NOT a memento item and is to be buried covering the Veteran from the chest and on down to the foot end of the casket.

SWORD is engraved with RANK and NAME to be placed in the right gloved hand on the flag with the left gloved hand resting on it. The tip is pointing towards the foot end with the scabbard on the left side at the waist as it would be worn at the burial with the Sword.

COVER with GLOVES included for holding the Sword.

FLAG BAG is used for the folded American Flag.  A BRANCH of SERVICE Cap Device is at the top above embroidered:

First Middle Last Name

Displayed are the corners using a Uniform Button and Good Conduct Ribbon. A Commemorative Ribbon for Honorable Service in the BRANCH OF SERVICE above a Honorable Discharge Ribbon, Honorable Service to Country Ribbon, and for Honorable Defense Ribbon in the BRANCH OF SERVICE. A engraved Dog Tag is also attached, or the own Dog Tag can be used. If his Ribbons and other Awards are not being worn, the Commemorative items can be discarded and the personal Ribbons and Awards put in their place. The foam insert is used strictly for display purpose and should be discarded at the time that the folded American Flag is put into the bag, or before. The Flag Bag is a forever keepsake for the Family.

Proper arrangement of veteran in the casket

Flag Bag by branch of service

Is never to be unfolded

The honored ritual of handing Old Glory, respectfully folded, to a family member “Honoring the Passing For Service to a Great Nation” is the way to pay respect to the life and service of a Veteran. It commemorates the commitment and dedication of those who chose to serve their country so selflessly.

A sacred military tradition, “Presenting the Flag” recognizes the passing of a veteran from one life into the next. The American Flag is held aloft before the funeral casket, and then folded, allowing the fighting spirit of the veteran to enter the flag and be formally retired forever.

Should there be an Honor Guard firing three rifle volleys are in recognition of his fighting spirit. Three rifle cartridges are to be put into the small enclosed velvet Bag and then into the fold of the American Flag.

NOTE: The reason for three spent cartridges are symbolic, is because during a lull in battle during World War I, both sides would fire three volleys each and then would remove their dead and wounded from the field of battle.

HONORABLE SERVICE DISPLAY – in recognition for Honorable Service, is displayed over the front of the casket. A Cap Device is at the top above embroidered:

First Middle Last Name

Displayed are a Commemorative Medal over a Honorable Discharge Medal, Honorable Service Medal, and the American Defense for Service to Country Medal. If the personal awarded Medals are not worn, then remove the Commemorative Medals and attach his personal awarded Medals. Displayed are the corners using Good Conduct Ribbon and a Uniform Button. This display is kept as a Family memento and can be framed.

Honorable Service Display by branch of service

FAMILY CREST is Hand Embroidered and included in the Class A to Honor the Veteran as well as the Family.

HAND PAINTED PORTRAIT is included with the Class A casket by a prominent Portrait Artist who donates for free her exceptional talent of painting a 22”x19” Portrait of the deceased Veteran. This is her way of gifting her talent with respect and love to the Veterans and their Families. She has been gifting Veterans’ families with Portraits for more than 20 years. With your permission, we will give the Artist your telephone number to speak with your Family directly.

BRANCH OF SERVICE WREATH LAPEL PIN is to be worn by a Family Member honoring Love of Life and Service in the BRANCH OF SERVICE.

DOG TAGS of the Veteran – one to be attached to the front handle on the casket nearest the head end, and one on the zipper of the FLAG BAG. A silver chain is enclosed to attach the Dog Tags.

REGISTER BOOK is for Family and Friends that were present Honoring your life and passing.

Guest registry books by branch of service


PEN is for the Signatures of Guests.


BLACK BAG with Rank and Name embroidered is used for transporting the items that are included in the Interior Box.

BRANCH OF SERVICE GOLD MEDALLION on the outside of the Exterior Box is a “keeper” for a Family member.

CASKET QUILT that was used to cover the Casket in transit from the manufacturer is for the Family to keep.

BRANCH OF SERVICE uniform materials such as the Uniform Fabric, Buttons, Trim, Good Conduct Ribbon, Branch of Service Flag are used in the making of the casket. Lettering of Rank and Name is presented in the Military Font Times Roman.

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